Regional Flavours
Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 July

Main Stage

Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 July

Queensland Taste Stage and Marketplace

Friday 20, Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 July

The Hunting Club

Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 July

Future Food

Saturday 21 July, 10:30am

Cooking with (Sugar-Free) Flow

Sarah Wilson
Saturday 21 July, 12:15pm

Streetwise: Travel-Inspired Bites

Gary Mehigan
Saturday 21 July, 1:45pm

Triumphant Trio – Yummy, Easy, Quick

Matt Preston
Saturday 21 July, 3:15pm

Say It with Souva

George Calambaris
Sunday 22 July, 10:30am

Little Flavours: Cooking with Kids

Miguel Maestre
Sunday 22 July, 12:15pm

How-To-Live: The Happy Life

Jessica Sepel
Sunday 22 July, 1:45pm

Super Cake Popstar

Katherine Sabbath
Sunday 22 July, 3:15pm

You, Me & The Sea

Adam Liaw
Saturday 21 July, 11:00am

A to Beef of Brunch

Alastair McLeod
Saturday 21 July. 12:00pm

Beefed Up, A Winter Tale

Cameron Matthews
Saturday 21 July, 1:00pm

Getting Down to the Bones

Darren Robertson and Andy Allen
Saturday 21 July. 2:00pm

Konnichiwa, Wagyu: Japanese Beef

Nathan Lastavec
Saturday 21 July, 3:00pm

The Wholesome Carnivore

Georgia Barnes
Sunday 22 July, 11:00am

Let’s Taco ‘Bout Beef Heart

Paul West
Sunday 22 July, 12:00pm

Got Beef? Stir-fry Secrets

Ben Bertei
Sunday 22 July, 1:00pm

Getting Down to the Bones

Darren Robertson and Andy Allen
Sunday 22 July, 2:00pm

Moroccan the Sunday Roast

Katrina Ryan
Sunday 22 July, 3:00pm

Let It Marinate

Adam Herbert
Saturday 21 July, 10:30am

Battle of the Brunch

Peter Iwanczyk and Tamer Sezer
Saturday 21 July. 11:30am

A Queensland Bug’s Life

Paul West
Saturday 21 July, 12:30pm

The Classics, Reinvented

Spencer Patrick
Saturday 21 July, 1:30pm

Veges from the Valley

Alastair McLeod
Saturday 21 July, 2:30pm

Eat Local, Eat Delicious

Brenda Fawdon
Saturday 21 July, 3:30pm

Tasty Tipples – Cocktails and Canapes

Frith La Vin Lloyd and Richard Ousby
Sunday 22 July, 10:30am

Perfect Match: Coffee & Brownies

Jess Burke and Lulu Purnell
Sunday 22 July, 11:30am

Nuts for Bacon!

Jason Ford
Sunday 22 July, 12:30pm

Pasta Master: Italian Made Fresh

Matt Golinski
Sunday 22 July, 1:30pm

To The Last Drop

Des Houghton
Sunday 22 July, 2:30pm

Native Nosh Goes Global

Josh Lopez
Sunday 22 July, 3:30pm

With All The Trimmings

Cameron Matthews and Alejandro Cancino
Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 July. 2:15pm

From the Grill to the Till

Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 July, 1:15pm

Smart Food, Future Flavours

Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 July, 11:15am

Future Foodie: Trends, Tastes & Tech