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Cooking with (Sugar-Free) Flow

Sarah Wilson
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Saturday 21 July, 10:30am

July 2018

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Main Stage - Presented by The Courier-Mail, Ten & goa & V-ZUG


45 mins

Cooking with less is the holy grail of kitchen simplicity and I Quit Sugar founder, Sarah Wilson, has the know-how to help you find your foodie flow.

In this fun session filled with handy hints, Sarah will share her tried and true tips for affordable, minimal, no-waste cooking. Learn how to use less ingredients, less pots, and, of course, less sugar while creating tasty staples that will become high-rotation favourites in your cooking repertoire.

Sarah will also demonstrate how easy it is cook waste-free, with clever tricks for using leftovers and stretching your dollar even further.


Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson is a New York Times bestselling author, former journalist, founder and owner of, Australia’s largest digital wellness site, and anti-waste campaigner. Most recently she published First, We Make the Beast Beautiful, A New Story of Anxiety, which has been a bestseller in Australia and will be published in the US and UK in April 2018.

Sarah is a self-starter. She had her first business at 12, got her start in journalism redesigning the restaurant pages of a News Corp magazine on work experience (she taught herself Quark overnight; the editor gave her the reviewer job), became News Corp’s youngest opinion columnist at 24, was appointed Cosmopolitan editor at 29 and then hosted the first season of MasterChef, the most watched season of any show in Australian history.

In 2008, however, Sarah was struck down with thyroid disease, forcing her to leave her career. She set out to heal herself via experiments she shared online; quitting sugar was one such. An early adopter of technologies she developed an engaged online community ahead of the curve. She soon realised a gap in the market for a solution to the sugar problem, so she created the world’s first consumer quit program, initially as an e-book (she self-published her 8-week program), then as an online product, which she ran solo for two years.

Sarah’s I Quit Sugar series of books (there are now 15 titles) sell in 46 countries, the first becoming a New York Times bestseller and winning the ABIA publishing award in 2014. All four titles currently sit in the Australian lifestyle top ten-bestseller list. For more information on Sarah, head to her website.

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