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Veges from the Valley

Alastair McLeod
Time & Date

Saturday 21 July, 1:30pm

July 2018

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Queensland Taste Stage and Marketplace - Presented by The Courier-Mail


30 mins

The Lockyer Valley

Fertile and abundant, the Lockyer Valley is one of Queensland’s most celebrated food bowls, producing an impressive array of fresh vegetables all year round.

Alastair McLeod, whose love of this lush valley knows no bounds, will prove that vegetables have just as much star power as meat when it comes to plate appeal.

In this demonstration, he’ll reimagine a meaty terrine; crimson beets, creamy goats cheese and Bauple (macadamia) nuts come together for a dish as pretty as it is tasty. Alastair will then turn his deft hand to a scrumptious dessert of luscious white chocolate cheesecake with whiskey-roasted strawberries.



Alastair McLeod

Alastair McLeod is a chef, television personality, ambassador and corporate host with an unbridled enthusiasm for all things food. Bestowed with the gift of the gab and a quick wit, Alastair is a popular master of ceremonies and guest speaker who brings his unique humour and professionalism to any event.

Best known from his roles on Channel Seven’s Great Day Out and Network 10’s Ready Steady Cook, Alastair also has a recipe column on Brisbane News and his Irish brogue is frequently heard on ABC and 4BC radio. Since 2014, he has also been food ambassador for the Lockyer Valley.

The much-loved chef and TV personality has roots deeply entrenched in far north Queensland – his grandfather hailed from Erub Island in the eastern Torres Strait, and his mother was raised on a remote cane farm in the tropics before travelling the world as an accomplished jazz performer and actress. Alastair was born in Belfast, the son of a proud Northern Irish man, and grew up through the height of ‘The Troubles’ conflict in the region.

Being part of such a multicultural family, Alastair was encouraged to experience a large range of cuisines and a career in cooking ensued. His experience in the kitchen is extensive; he’s worked at Michelin listed restaurants across the world, such as Roscoff in Belfast, United Kingdom and Da Giovanni in Torino, Italy. After his classical training in Europe, Alastair decided to follow in the steps of his forefathers and chose Queensland as his home.

His Australian tenures have included roles at Baguette, Brett’s Wharf and Tank Restaurant and Bar. More recently, Alastair launched Al’FreshCo; his own business that provides small and large-scale catering to private and corporate clients. For more information, head to his website.

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