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Bolivia Marka

Sample more of the Destination Stage performers

Get set to be transported to far-flung exotic locations with the performances at the Destination Stage at Global Fiesta.

Baala Baajo

Magical music at the World Stage

Hear magical music from across the globe at the World Stage at Global Fiesta, 16 - 17 October.

Louis Tikaram

Who is cooking at the World Stage

Cooking demonstrations at the World Stage at Global Fiesta will tempt your taste buds with the cuisines, ingredients and flavours of local and international locations.

Ease into take-off at the Departure Lounge

Take leisure in alfresco lounging, winter rays, and riverfront views, draped in glowing festoons; the Departure Lounge at River Quay offers a place to reside all day, with an electric mix of DJ sets across the weekend, reminiscent of summer in the Mediterranean.

Energetic Entertainment at the Destination Stage

You’ve arrived at your destination; now immerse yourself in the entertainment at the Destination Stage at Global Fiesta by Regional Flavours.

Josh Lopez

The World Stage Performers and Cooking Demonstrations

Take a trip to the World Stage at Global Fiesta by Regional Flavours, with departures spanning across Asia, Africa, America and more.

Paul West

Zucchini Ribbon Salad by Paul West

Chef Paul West’s zucchini ribbon salad. Paul – I love that zucchinis are so versatile in the kitchen, just as well, because just a couple of plants will have them coming out of your years. If you’re making this raw zucchini salad, look for nice, small tender ones, save the big woody ones that are […]

Paul West

Homemade Beef Burgers by Paul West

Chef Paul West’s homemade beef burgers. Paul – I love burgers, it’s pretty much my favourite thing ever to have for lunch, and would be a strong contender for my death row meal. They might cop a bad rap for being unhealthy, but when you’re making them from scratch and not downing them with a […]

Paul West

Grilled King Prawns with Herbs and Lemon by Paul West

Chef Paul West’s grilled king prawns with herbs and lemon. Paul – Go on, say it, you know you want to! Just gunna chuck another shrimp on the barbie! Have you ever called them shrimp in your life? However, there’s something about the smell of prawns cooking on the BBQ that is powerfully evocative of […]

Matt Moran

Big Eye Tuna Crudo by Matt Moran

Chef Matt Moran’s big eye tuna crudo, red champagne finger lime and chive dressing Serves 4 as an entrée Preparation time: 10 – 15 mins Ingredients 400g Big eye tuna – walker seafoods Mooloolaba QLD 2 champagne red finger – green valley finger lime 1 avocado 2 red radishes ½ telegraph cucumber, peeled 1 lemon, […]

Global Fiesta

Global Fiesta is your one-way ticket to cuisine, culture, and carnival!

Global Fiesta
16 - 17 October
Regional Flavours
Providore Park

Providore Park celebrates wine, cheese and chocolate. More details coming soon!

Providore Park
14 - 15 May
Regional Flavours

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