Take a bite out of food waste

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OzHarvest provides 4 simple ways to reduce food waste at home.

Did you know food waste feeds climate change? It has a huge negative impact on the environment and is responsible for 8% of global greenhouse gases, even more than the aviation sector!

You may be surprised to learn that more food waste comes from our homes than from supermarkets, over 3 million tonnes every year! But the good news is, reducing food waste at home is the single most powerful action each and every one of us can do to tackle the climate crisis. It starts with getting into good habits at home. At OzHarvest we have an easy mantra to follow: Look.Buy.Store.Cook.

1. Look at what food you already have before shopping.

2. Buy only what you need.

3. Store food correctly.

4. Cook with what you have before buying more! Get creative, google ingredients to find recipes to use what you have.

We are all part of the solution. The time for action is now!

For more information visit the OzHarvest website.

OzHarvest appears at Grazed and Grown’s The Greenhouse on Saturday 19 June at 4:15pm and Sunday 20 June at 1:15pm. To book your tickets now head to Oztix website.

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