What is Alanna Sapwell cooking in the Grazed and Grown Kitchen

Alanna Sapwell Salt Bush And Vinegar Pigs Ears

Queensland’s home grown, pioneering chef, Alanna Sapwell, is getting ready to showcase her culinary skills at Grazed and Grown, sharing her tips and tricks on how to minimalise waste with the common apple and underutilized pork products. Get inspired, blitzing and sieving with Alanna’s recipes below.

Salt Bush and Vinegar Pigs Ears


5kg pigs ears
800g salt
12L water
Rice flour
Vinegar powder
1 bunch salt bush


1. Cook Pigs ears in salty water until cook (when cooked you can put a knife straight through the ear)
2. Bring ears off heat and let sit for 1 hour
3. Place in fridge overnight in liquid
4. Slice finely and coat in rice flour and fry pigs ears and peilla until golden
5. Season with salt and vinegar powder

Alanna Sapwell Apple Tart

Apple Core Paste and Lemon Curd – Tart Filing

Apple Core Paste


600g green Apples
100ml apple cider
Apple cider vinegar to taste
500g caster sugar
Lemon to taste


1. Blitz whole apples (chop first) until smooth
2. Combine all ingredients
3. Cook until 118C
4. Should set firm on bench when cooled and be and dark orange red colour

Lemon curd


600g lemon juice
370g sugar
400g eggs
350 yolks
10g gelatine
370g butter
pinch of salt


1. Soak gelatine in ice water
2. Add to thermo 16 mins/ 85C/ speed 3.5
3. Add gelatine and pass through sieve
4. When mix has cooled to 50C blend in butter and salt

Head Chef at Esmay, Alanna Sapwell appears at Grazed and Grown by Regional Flavours on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 June at 12:30pm at the Kitchen Stage. To book your tickets now head to the Oztix website.

First image – Alanna Sapwell’s Salt Bush and Vinegar Pigs Ears, Photography: Darcy Starr

Second image –  Alanna Sapwell’s Fresh Apple and Sunflower Tart, Apple Core Jam

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